Avoid Probate Denver

Avoid probate in Denver with the assistance of Meurer Law Offices. Probate should be avoided if at all possible in Denver. It is an expensive and unnecessary process if a proper estate plan has been established ahead of time. You family will have more privacy and less anxiety over the distribution of assets when the time comes.

In order to avoid probate, we recommend creating a living trust, which enables you to have more control and access to changes while you may still want it in Denver.  Many do not realize that a will is a very limiting document and there is no chance to avoid probate with it.
Whereas a living trust or a revocable living trust has many advantages over a traditional will and will avoid probate. This means that the courts no longer have the right to probate or have access to your estate or assets. Instead your trustee will be the officiator of your assets, avoiding probate fees, the court system and making for a smoother transition, which is private not public.
Let Meurer Law Office help you avoid probate in Denver and save your family time and money in the future.