Estate Attorney

Having your estate plan decided will allow you to think about other things and not worry. This will allow you to enjoy your life with one less thing to fret about.

It’s your estate, you should decide what happens to it. It’s important to develop an estate plan so your wishes will be carried out and your loved ones protected. You need a good attorney to help you determine your estate plan, so there will be no guessing and it will be done properly.

An experienced and knowledgeable estate attorney can help you set up the appropriate legal documents and instructions for the distribution of your estate and other important legal issues. We listen to what your desires, and find the best way to carry it out.

Our expert estate attorney is prepared to explain your legal options, offer knowledgeable advice, and provide you with excellent representation. We will provide you with the best decisions based on professional legal experience.

At Muerer Law Offices, we assist you with wills, disposition of last remains declarations; estate planning for non-traditional families, medical power of attorney, living wills and healthcare directives, estate tax planning and inheritance planning, financial durable power of attorneys, adoptive families, revocable living trusts, special needs trusts,  and families with step children, and estate planning for non-married couples.

Our expert estate attorney will also assist executors and surviving family members in handling the final affairs of the decedent’s estate, including creditor issues, life insurance accounts, and all assets passing in, or outside of the probate process.

We also provide reliable legal counsel and representation for people with assets designated for a probate court decision, uncontested probate and trust administration, or matters involving breach of fiduciary duty. These can be complicated issues and you need good, solid legal advice, so that you can make good choices. Don’t be left unprotected.

Contact the Meurer Law Offices about your estate plan, so you can live with peace of mind with everything taken care of for your estate.

Life is meant to be lived! You shouldn’t be worried about how your estate will be handled. Let’s get it resolved today, so you can relax.