Gun Trust Lawyer

If you own NFA weapons, you may want to consider setting up a gun trust. It could save you a lot of hassles.

The Meurer Law Offices gun trust lawyer can explain that NFA weapons include machine guns, silencers, short-barreled rifles, and short-barreled shotguns (including sawed-off shotguns). It also includes grenades, and other destructive devices.

Our gun trust lawyer will show you how a gun trust can alleviate some of the federal transfer requirements. Gun trusts can help Colorado gun owners by providing a structure with multiple trustees and beneficiaries in case a trustee or beneficiary should die or become legally incapable of possessing the weapons owned by the trust.

Without a gun trust, your firearms may be passed through a simple will (or even worse, the NFA gun owner may leave no will) where the executor of your estate (the person who is responsible for gathering your assets, paying your debts, and distributing what’s left) may not be familiar with the rules about ownership and possession of NFA and other weapons.

This can cause real problems because someone who does not understand this could violate criminal laws by transferring a weapon without going through the proper procedures. For example taking or sending it to a state where it is prohibited, or giving it to a person who is legally prohibited from owning the firearm. Even if an executor drops off a NFA gun at the local gun shop to sell, or forfeits the gun to the local sheriff, they may have committed a crime. This can be avoided by a gun trust.

Our gun trust lawyer can help describe the benefits of a gun trust and help you decide if it will benefit you. If you are a gun owner or want to be, you need to consider a gun trust and avoid the hassles.