Gun Trust Planning Attorney Denver

If you have firearms that are subject to strict federal and state gun laws, you might want to talk to Meurer Law Offices about creating a gun trust.

Our gun trust planning attorney in Denver can help you set up a gun trust that will make it easier to purchase, possess, handle, and transfer firearms. Our gun trust planning attorney in Denver can also explain how a gun trust may help gun owners avoid inadvertently violating firearms laws and incurring severe penalties.

A gun trust allows many people to legally possess and use the firearms held in the gun trust. It can avoid the burdensome paperwork requirements usually associated with NFA gun purchases.

A well-drafted gun trust will include additional documentation to help the successor trustee of the gun trust in complying with the many regulations associated with NFA gun ownership. Because the firearms are held by a trust, they do not need to go through probate at your death. This can help avoid many problems.

One word of caution, if a gun trust is not written correctly, it will not do you any good.  Meurer Law Offices has seen several gun trusts from other sources which turned out to be just poorly drafted simple revocable trusts.  Gun trusts differ from simple revocable trusts in many respects, and our gun trust planning attorney in Denver knows the important differences.

Let us help you set up a gun trust the right way, so you will be protected.