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When a person passes away, their appointed trustees and executors of their will take on a lot of responsibilities. Most honor this role and the wishes of the deceased, while others take advantage of the situation. At this point, they may be accused of a breach of fiduciary duties. At the Meurer & Potter Law Office, we’ve represented parties on both sides of breach of fiduciary duties cases and will develop a legal approach that fits with your unique circumstances.

Fiduciary Duties

Executors and trustees are responsible for managing and distributing the deceased assets, as well as providing clear communication to beneficiaries regarding their inheritance. Breaches can include anything from making risky investments to showing favoritism for one or more beneficiaries over the others. A breach of fiduciary duties can fall under include three categories:

  • Duty of care: If a representative does not manage assets according to the law and the estate documents, they may be in breach.
  • Duty of impartiality: If a representative does not act as a neutral party, favoring one beneficiary over another, they may be in breach.
  • Duty of loyalty: If a representative acts in their own best interest or benefit instead of the beneficiaries, they may be in breach.

If you need assistance with a possible breach of fiduciary duties case, our attorneys at the Meurer & Potter Law Office are here to help.

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