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With the help of our attorneys at the Meurer & Potter Law Office, you can protect your assets from taxes and other liabilities with an Irrevocable Trust. This type of trust permanently moves assets from the grantor’s estate to the trust they’ve established. Upon their passing, a trustee who is responsible for overseeing the trust will administer the assets for the benefit of the person or persons named as beneficiaries.

Before you establish an Irrevocable Trust, it’s important to understand that:

  • You will lose control of all assets placed in the trust
  • You cannot make changes to the terms of the trust
  • And it is nearly impossible to dissolve the trust

However, this type of trust does come with advantages and can be an important tool for estate planning and safeguarding your assets. It can protect your wealth from creditors and ensure your heirs receive the full benefit. It also removes assets from the value of your estate, which can relieve the estate tax burden your beneficiaries may face after your passing.

If you need assistance with an Irrevocable Trust, our attorneys at the Meurer & Potter Law Office are here to help.

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