Avoiding Probate Denver

Many people when they are planning their estate start looking into ways of avoiding probate, and in Denver, Meurer Law Office is your local expert on protecting your assets.    One way we have found very effective at avoiding probate is the use of Living Trusts.   The trust is set up so that the Successor Trustee can immediately take control of your assets without the courts intervention, avoiding probate entirely and allowing your property to be distributed right away.  At that point the trustee can pay off your bills, sell assets as necessary,  and take care of the needs of your beneficiaries without waiting for your estate to go through the long complicated probate process.  Rather than taking months or even years, avoiding probate with a living trust can free your estate up for distribution within weeks.
Another benefit of using a living trust type of arrangement to avoid probate is that it is all far more private than a traditional will, so your estate can be settled out of the public eye and without involving the court system.  Avoiding probate with a trust also provides flexibility, as you can change your trust at any time, adapting it as things in your life change, and it can be established to transfer control over to your trustee if you are incapacitated, not only after your death.