Special Needs Planning

Meurer & Potter Law Office, Denver, Colorado

If you have a child or loved one with a disability, properly preparing for their future through special needs planning is essential. At the Meurer & Potter Law Office in Denver, we’ll help you take the steps needed to provide for them financially, as well as ensure their health and general well-being.

Our attorneys will discuss your circumstances and review your estate to see how best to achieve your goals and accomplish the special needs planning you need for true peace of mind. Strategies and options to consider include:

  • Guardianships / Conservatorships give another person the power to act on the behalf of the disabled individual and make choices for them in all matters, from their finances to health care. This is also a very important measure for parents of disabled young adults who turn 18 but still cannot make decisions independently.
  • General Estate Planning & Wills are a great place to start when it comes to providing surviving family members with details and instructions that pertain to a loved one with special needs. We’ll help you map out your wishes for them in the areas of medical treatment and health care, housing and daily care, education and more.
  • Special Needs (D4A) and Pooled Trusts are two great options to consider while special needs planning. If written and implemented correctly, both allow you to financially provide for a loved one without creating a tax burden or causing them to be deemed ineligible for assistance programs such as Medicaid.

Without you by their side or special needs planning in place, your loved one could have their life turned upside down. To ensure the continuity of their care and well-being, talk to the attorneys the Meurer Law Office in Denver to begin the process today.

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