Denver Benefits of a Living Trust

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There are many benefits to initiating a living trust in Colorado including avoiding probate in the event of a death. This means the court will be left out of the delegation of your property and assets which continually helps our clients deal with their loss and have less legal stresses as a result. In addition, living trusts will prevent the courts gaining control of your assets if you become incapacitated. A living trust will serve the purpose of bringing your assets all together in one cohesive estate plan which simplifies and strengthens your estate.

A living trust will put up a barrier of privacy to keep out the courts and anyone not necessary in the process. A living trusts will protect your assets until the time you prefer your beneficiary to receive them. A living trust can reduce or eliminate estate taxes which is a huge saving for our clients. In addition, a living trust is inexpensive and easy to setup and maintain for the convenience of our clients and may be amended, changed, or revoked at any time.