Estate Planning Denver

A Will is a document which gives direction to the Probate Court as to how you want your Estate administered.  If you die in the state of Colorado, without a will, there is a set of laws which govern who will receive your assets.   Without a Will one of your heirs or interested parties will need to petition the court to be placed in charge of your property.  This may or may not be the person who you believe would do the best job in a fair and prompt manner.
If any of your heirs are minors or have special needs, the distributions will still be made potentially resulting in the funds being held by ex-spouses for the benefit of the children or being distributed to those not having the mental or physical capacity to manage those funds.
Through the utilization of a Will, these adverse results can be avoided.  The first thing a Will does is it allows you to appoint the person who will administer your estate.  This person is called the Personal Representative, Executor, or Executrix, of the Will.  The court will still have to approve this person through the Probate process; however, the judge will have a clear indication of who you trust to accomplish the task and in all but the rarest cases, will honor your wish.
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