Formal Probate Attorney Denver

There are many reasons for which formal probate is filed. Creditors, spouses, siblings, executors, non-traditional families, and the testator may be involved with various circumstances that require additional legal intervention. Formal probate allows disputed claims to be addressed and proper administration to take place. It can be a grueling process in Denver.

Get a formal probate attorney in Denver and have success in the proceedings. With an experienced attorney such as Michael T. Meurer, the process of probate will go smoother and the results will yield better outcomes. We have seen all types of probate cases and with our experience assisting in the process, there will be fewer delays, dilemmas, and negative outcomes.
In the event that the creditors or beneficiaries dispute the intended distribution, filing a formal petition with the court to oversee the proceedings is the first step in the process of formal probate. The enforcement of deadlines of application filing, performing the initial inventory, annual interim accounting, final accounting, distribution, will all be aided with our help making the process less daunting.
We are here to help at Meurer Law Offices having many years of experiencing with the probate process in Denver. Call today to get the help you need.