Guardianship is a legal process that allows family members to assist loved ones who are facing incapacity due to advanced age or disabilities and who are no longer able to manage their own care or finances.  If there is not an advance directive and Powers of Attorney, Colorado law gives courts the ability to step in through the creation of a guardianship.  The Guardian is responsible for ensuring the well-being of the person the court has deemed incapacitated.

The court proceeding to seek the appointment of Guardian is referred to as a “Protective Proceeding.”  Colorado laws are designed to protect the rights of those alleged to be incapacitated.  Our office has represented both Respondents as well as those seeking a Guardianship. Most often this involves medical reviews and the appointment of a visitor of the court.  The court visitor will typically meet and speak with the Respondent as well the family members petitioning for the Guardianship.  Our office is committed to finding a solution to the family’s needs.
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