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Planning for long term care

With an aging population, we at Meurer Law Offices in Denver have more clients who inquire about nursing home planning and Medicaid. The rules surrounding long-term care and Medicaid can be quite complicated. Here is a general overview you are looking into long-term care for someone who will need Medicaid.

What is Long-Term Care?

Both assisted living services and nursing homes are types of long-term care. Long-term care includes both personal services and medical services, particularly for people with illness(es) or disabilities. For example, a nursing home resident may pay for medical services as well as pay for help with bathing and dressing. Medicaid rules differ from other services when it comes to long-term care, so it is important to understand when nursing home planning.

If you want to plan your future and have concerns about nursing home planning and Medicaid, come see us at the Meurer Law Offices in Denver. We can help you with all our state’s laws, explain the complexities of nursing home planning, as well as prepare your estate so that you, your spouse and all of your assets are protected.