Revocable Living Trust Denver

Probate is the legal process through which the court oversees the transfer of your assets upon your death. There are many disadvantages associated with the probate process. Some problems include the following: probate can be expensive, your assets can be frozen and unavailable to your heirs for long periods of time, the probate process is public and can be intrusive, and creditors can complicate the process.
An alternative to attempting to use joint ownership to avoid probate is to create a Living Trust.  A Revocable Living Trust has several advantages over a Will including avoiding the court process of Probate, avoiding guardianship, maintaining liquidity, and maintaining your family privacy.
A Living Trust can be created with a Revocable Living Trust document.  This document can be modified at any time.  At the time of your death, your Estate will not be probated.  Debts will be paid and assets distributed by your Successor Trustee according to the instructions in your Trust.
There are minimal or no court costs associated with administrating your Trust.  The Successor Trustee automatically assumes the responsibility of administrating the Trust thereby reducing legal fees associated with court costs, appraisers, legal fees and executor fees.  For help with creating your Living Trust in Denver call Meurer Law Offices today at 303.991.3544.