Simple Wills Denver

At Meurer Law Offices, as part of our estate planning services, we also provide simple wills for our clients in Denver. Simple wills are typically used when an estate is less than $100,000 and there are no special needs or minors as beneficiaries.

At Meurer Law Offices, we can put together you simple will so you are confident about your asset distribution when you are gone. Simple wills still rely on the court for overseeing the transfer of property to heirs including executor and legal fees of an estimated 4.1%.
In addition, when using a simple will, the court still has the control and is in charge of distribution of property as well as collecting probate fees which can add up to be a more than you realize.
At Meurer Law Offices, we offer estate planning services, inform you of all of your options and let you choose what will work best for you in Denver.