Veterans Benefits Attorney Denver

If you are worrying or stressing about the future or present thinking about the veterans benefits you or your spouse should e getting, then make an appointment to meet with Michael T. Meurer, a veterans benefits attorney in Denver. With our help, you can be certain that you are getting all of the veterans benefits due to you and rest assured again.
We are VA accredited attorneys, which means that we know what we are doing in the world of representing our clients veteran’s rights. The Service Connected Pension and Non-Service Connected Pension or Improved Pension Program may be the answer to help get you or your spouse covered in Colorado. These require a proper application without mistakes to qualify. We can help here at Meurer Law Offices. We know the laws surrounding veteran’s benefits including the service, age requirements, discharge, asset limitations, income limitations, medical qualifications, potential benefits, surviving spouse’s qualifications, and more.

Get the benefits you deserve from your service with the team of veterans attorneys at Meurer Law Offices in Denver. We can help find the resources needed to pay for assisted living or nursing home costs, long term care costs, home care, and other options. With our team on your case, a spouse of a veteran may even qualify for benefits under certain circumstances. Call today.