Veterans Benefits Law Firm Denver

You may qualify for veteran benefits but you need a veterans benefits law firm in Denver to help you figure it all out.

For example, did you know that a veteran may be able to receive up to $2,120.00 per month towards his or her assisted living or nursing home costs?

Did you know that a deceased veteran’s spouse might qualify for up to $1,149.00 per month to pay for her long term care?  This is not a service connected disability benefit. If you were in active service for 90 days, one day during wartime and were “other than dishonorably discharged”, you may qualify.

Meurer Law Offices is a veterans benefits law firm in Denver  that specializes in helping veterans qualify for this aid and attendance benefit.

At Meurer Law, where our focus is on elder-law, our veterans benefits law firm in Denver can assist senior citizens and their families obtain a lesser known benefit, the “Non-Service Connected Pension” aid and attendance benefit.

The non-service connected pension, also known as the improved pension program, can assist veterans who served during certain war-time periods obtain money that can help them pay for assisted living, nursing homes and long term care facilities. You may not be getting what you deserve. You need a veterans benefits law firm in Denver to find out what you might be missing. We can help you.

Unlike Medicaid which only reimburses designated, qualified providers for services, this veteran’s benefit comes in the form of a monthly check paid directly to the veteran. This allows choice in providers (including non-spouse family members!) and in what setting (home-care, assisted living, nursing home) the best care is provided.

There are asset and income limitations on this benefit, but with expert planning by our veterans benefits law firm in Denver, many veterans can reposition their assets to qualify.  Every attorney at Meurer Law is an accredited attorney with the Veteran’s Administration. We will be happy to help you find out if you qualify for these veterans benefits.