Wills and Trusts Denver

There are many people who wonder what the differences are between wills and trusts, or who believe that as long as they have a will, all of their property will go smoothly to their designated heirs upon their death or incapacitation.  In truth, a will has to go through probate court which can take months if not years, and can be contested.

Trusts provide more flexibility, greater protection, and can go into effect before your death.  It is important to sit down and talk to a lawyer who is experienced in wills and trusts in Denver so that you can make informed decisions about the management of your estate.  By setting up the correct trust for your needs in addition to a will in many cases, you can ensure that if you are medically incapacitated, your financial affairs are not administrated by a court appointee, but by your designated representative, and that everything that you intend to give to your loved ones goes directly to them rather than falling victim to creditors and estate taxes.
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