Wills Denver

Wills are some of the most longstanding and well established ways to pass on your estate, and even as new methods such as trusts have been developed, a will is still a very common and useful choice for many people.  Simply, Wills are a set of instructions for the probate court concerning the distribution of your assets at the time of your death.

If you pass on in Colorado without a will, the courts will grant control of your estate to a family member who petitions the court, and that may well be someone other than who you might want in charge of your estate, and if more than one heir petitions, this can become a long, unpleasant legal situation that causes hard feelings to your family. In Denver, Muerer Law Office has drafted wills for many many clients in the area, and we know all of the vital details it takes to create an iron clad will that you can trust will make sure your estate is passed on to your heirs exactly as you wish it to be.