Estate Taxes Denver

Depending on how much you own when you die, your Estate may have to pay Estate taxes before your assets can be distributed to your heirs.  Estate taxes are different from and in addition to probate expenses and final income taxes.  Although some states have their own inheritance/death taxes, Colorado currently does not.  Federal estate taxes are expensive and must be paid in cash within nine months after you die.  Since few estates have this much cash, assets often have to be liquidated.  Forced liquidation may not allow the maximum value of your assets to be realized.
Meurer Law Offices will help you to formulate an estate planning strategy that will allow you to mitigate the extent to which estate taxes will decrease the value of your estate. You can reduce or, in some cases, eliminate your Estate taxes by using three basic strategies:
1.If you are married, use both Estate tax exemptions.
2.Remove assets from your Estate before you die.
3.Buy life insurance to replace assets given to charity
   and/or to pay any remaining Estate taxes.
Meurer Law Offices can advise you on all aspects of dealing with estate taxes in Denver. Give us a call today at 303.991.3544.