Life Insurance Trust Planning Denver

If you need help with life insurance trust planning, come to Meurer Law Offices where we provide the best estate planning services in Denver and would love to help you. There are several benefits to planning a life insurance trust in Denver.

It will create a buffer of cash to help pay estate taxes or any other expenses upon the death of a loved one. This helps a great deal when faced with the realities of losing a family member. In addition, life insurance trust planning inherently reduces the estate taxes owed simply by removing the insurance policies from the estate thus decreasing taxes owed. Therefore it provides a less expensive avenue to pay off estate taxes, which can add up to more than you think.
Life insurance trust planning can also provide for a spouse without the insurance proceeds being included into the estate of the spouse as well. In a nutshell, it gives the most control over how insurance proceeds and policies are distributed and used in Denver, as well as preventing the courts control in case the beneficiary is incapacitated. We have the best life insurance trust planning tools at Meurer Law Offices in Denver.