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A Medical / Healthcare POA (Power of Attorney) is an important document. It allows you to name who makes health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated, either physically or mentally. At the Meurer & Potter Law Office in Denver, we advise all of our clients to have one in place.

This person should understand your health care philosophy and be capable of making the decisions that align with your wishes. Matters to discuss with the person named in your Medical / Healthcare POA (or put into writing) include:

  • When to use or end care involving tube feeding, CPR, medications and mechanical ventilation
  • Preferences on pain relief options even if they may worsen a condition or hasten your death
  • The use of life support even after brain death versus waiting for the heart to stop on its own
  • Preferences regarding organ donation and arrangements for your body in the event of death

Without a Healthcare Power of Attorney, your loved ones may have to petition the court to have one of them appointed as your guardian. Instead of one of your loved ones being by your side, caring for you in your time of need, they will be hiring attorneys, going to court, having case workers/visitors of the court meeting with you and them. And ultimately, the court will decide who will be making the decisions on your behalf. The cost, time delays, and court oversight can all be avoided with this document.

It is important when drafting a Healthcare Power of Attorney to also include an alternate agent. If your spouse is named, they may be under duress and unable to make the tough decisions. Our attorneys at the Meurer & Potter Law Office have also assisted in situations where both spouses have been in a car accident together, and they’ve each named the other as their Medical Power of Attorney with no alternates.

A properly drafted Medical / Healthcare POA will also include the following:

  • A Living Will Provision, ensuring that your decision maker will enforce your decision to not engage in life support or other life-sustaining procedures (nutrition and hydration) in the event you lapse into a permanent vegetative state or an irreversible coma.
  • A HIPAA Release Provision, enabling your Healthcare POA to talk to your doctors and review your medical information. This is required due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) passed in 1996, which protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information.

A properly crafted Medical / Healthcare POA can help you and your loved ones avoid added expenses or anguish in the event of your incapacity. At the Meurer & Potter Law Office, we’ll provide the legal guidance you need to ensure your wishes are carried out and loved ones can be by your side during a difficult time.

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