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At the Meurer & Potter Law Office, we’ve walked countless Denver clients through the creation of their wills, as well as advised them on alternate strategies to protect their assets and beneficiaries.

The standard wills that people typically use are called Simple Wills, which distribute all of your assets directly to your heirs. They are most often used if you have a small estate ($100,000 or less) and adult children beneficiaries without special needs since they do not include provisions to address these situations. The primary purpose is to appoint which of the children the deceased desires to act as Executor/Executrix and what percentages are to go to each of the heirs.

The disadvantage of Simple Wills is that court supervision and control are inevitable. Here’s why:

  • The court will be required to oversee the transfer of your property to your beneficiaries
  • Required court costs, legal and executor fees are estimated at 4.1% of the estate’s value
  • Probate of an Estate averages nine (9) months to two (2) years or longer before heirs inherit
  • Proceedings are public record, exposing family to disgruntled heirs or unscrupulous solicitors
  • The court processes, not your family, will have control upon your passing or incapacity

While wills are the most well-known way of naming your heirs and distributing your assets, they are not the only way to manage your estate. Our experienced attorneys at the Meurer & Potter Law Office will help you determine if a will is sufficient or if your estate requires added protections such as conservatorships or a specific type of trust.

At the Meurer & Potter Law Office, we specialize in all different types of strategies for wills, simple to complex, so that you, your assets and beneficiaries are thoroughly safeguarded. The focus of our efforts is protecting your lifetime of hard work, and we will go the extra mile to give you peace of mind.

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